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How to make money on Youtube | Parishkar Education

How to make money on Youtube | Parishkar Education

Parishkar Education offer professional YouTube Business and Marketing Certificate course and Youtube Money Making course in Hyderabad. This course will facilitate those who are looking to open their own eLearning course online with paid or free subscription for those who are serious to earn money online from home with spending 30-minutes daily. This is often Module of our Digital Marketing Course for those who are looking to earn part time with their regular job or study.

There are millions of peoples available worldwide which leaving there live with YouTube earning. YouTube is most well liked video sharing website in world and one of most engaging site in India. They additionally offer chance to people earn money with users uploaded videos. This course covers all requirements from basic to advanced level for earning huge money through YouTube.

  • Create YouTube channel.
  • Proper setting of Channel.
  • Copyright Basics of YouTube.
  • Video creation guidelines, the way to create quality videos.
  • Linking Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and Website/ Blog to your Channel
  • Uploading videos on your YouTube Channel.
  • Choosing perfect title, description and tagging for videos.
  • Selection of Proper category for your Videos.
  • Adding feature image to channel videos.
  • Adding watermark to videos.
  • Apply for Monitorizing your videos channel.
  • Choosing ad types and placement.
  • Understanding basic terms like (Impression, view, clicks, CTR).
  • How much you can earn.
  • How to make your channel popular.
  • Social media tricks for increase videos views.
  • Optimising videos for organic search results.
  • YouTube videos Payment threshold and Payment receiving.
  • How much you can earn with YouTube Videos.


  • You can earn lifetime with the same video that is uploaded one time on youtube.
  • You can upload videos from any corner of world with simply using of Internet and Computer/ Laptop.
  • You can earn money even when you are sleeping and holidays.

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