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Quilling Art

About Instructor

Parishkar Education is an educational institute providing a range of creative art and craft training programs specially designed for children, youngsters and home makers. Our classes are designed during a manner so as to develop the creative concepts of the students. The sessions are designed in a fun and interactive manner that makes the learning process a fun experience for the students.

  • Creatively designed sessions.
  • Experienced trainers.
  • Personalized sessions.

Details of the course:

  1. Basic usage of Quilling tools…
  2. Choosing of better colors and its suitable material.
  3. Basic Quilling structures
  4. Making of Quilling Ornaments
  5. Making of Greeting Cards
  6. Practice Session & Its Evaluation
Course Overview
We will teach basic introduction of paper quilling covering total 30 patterns (22 basic and 8 advanced). At the end of the class students will be able to use their own imagination & creativity to create various patterns.
Beautiful hangings can be made with designs made on / with a variety of materials such as metal, sand, glass, salt dough etc. Simple projects with step by step instructions are given in this section, the results of which can turn out to be quite impressive.
A fun way to display photos and artwork in your home is with homemade frames. Keep the crafty feeling of the art and make a colorful frame for display. This project can be done with kids of any age, and they will love helping to decorate their rooms or play areas.
This Toys and Clock decorating course was created for novice decorators who need a bit of guidance, or even just inspiration. It is designed to offer plenty of ideas, tips, and boost your design capabilities and creative confidence. After taking this How to Decorate a Room course, you’ll feel motivated to re-design your entire home.

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